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Three Great Osoyoos Hikes To Do This Spring

Spring is the perfect season to be in Osoyoos for a lovely walk around the evergreen. Just as it is popular for its rain-fed system that gently flows down into the valley, the Okanagan town in southern BC offers a conglomeration of diverse ecosystems such as highlands, grasslands, and mountains. 

A world-class tourist destination, Osoyoos is famous for its incredible weather, beckoning hikers to explore its extensive network of hiking trails. So here, we will give you three Osoyoos hikes which are not only where you will have a walk but also you will have a memorable experience.

3 Best Osoyoos Hikes You Need to Do This Spring

1. The Scenic Irrigation Canal Walkway

The Irrigation Canal Trail is a rad loop that is perfect for daytime road biking, equestrian pursuits, and walking. The path embarks on an old irrigation canal that was built in 1920 and which watered the nearby vineyards and apple orchards. The irrigation system which was the only water resource for the town during its initial years of development was responsible for the susceptibility of Osoyoos to such kind of public health crises. Personal opinion.

This Osoyoos hike is fantastic for getting closer to the flourishing botanic species that are typical to this part of the Okanagan Valley. Also, explore along the path, and you will be able to see stunning views of the mountains, that are covered with the vast golden sage brushes and among the valley orchards and vineyards. The trail extends to the side to provide stunning views of Lake Osoyoos.

What to Expect

This easy walk offers a unique glimpse of the region's native desert plants. The path provides breathtaking views of sage-dotted mountains, local vineyards, and orchards in the valley. And of course, the stunning Osoyoos Lake.

Trail Details

- Difficulty Level: Easy
- Trail Length: 5 km loop
- Surface: Unpaved

Location: Start from Highway 97, take a right turn on 62nd Ave, pass Elks Hall, and continue uphill to a local secondary school. You'll find a parking lot near the trailhead, marked by an information sign.

2. The Stunning Mount Kobau

Absorb the fantastic 360° views at the pinnacle of Mt-Kabau one of the tallest mountains in the region (1,873 m / 6,145 ft). Topping the honors is a view so bountiful it could make you dizzy; the Okanagan Valley (including Osoyoos and Cawston), the Similkameen Valley, and the Cascade Mountains, all that can be seen! We start from the parking area which is located at the top of Mount Kobau, where there is a 1km walking track. If you go on this short hike unevenly, you will experience steepness in some places. This will be the point where you will receive the course for the Testalinden trail, which is about 4km. 

This is a tame and easy trail that leads through an alpine meadow with wildflowers where there are spectacular views enjoyed to the south of the incredible surroundings. And it is for this reason you should not miss the hike - that you will be on the top of the world. Please be aware that trees/logs that have fallen may not be removed following difficult weather situations that sometimes hinder the trail. 

The mountain is a perfect place for stargazing as it's well-loved by the local volunteer group which hosts a Star Party over the August Long weekend. This is a phenomenal event, very casual and family-friendly, where younger showcases can come and gather together to observe some wonderful constellations while enjoying the exciting explanation about the highest sky with some interested interpreters.

What to Expect

From the summit, you can see the entire Okanagan Valley, including Osoyoos, Cawston, the Similkameen Valley, and the Cascade Mountains. The trail also hosts an annual Star Party over the August Long weekend, which is a great family-friendly event for astronomy enthusiasts.

Trail Details

- Difficulty Level: Easy
- Trail Length: 4 km loop

Note: Mushroom and flower picking is prohibited within all provincial parks.

Location: From Osoyoos, take Highway 3 to Cawston and turn right on Kobau Mountain Forest Service Road. Follow this 20km road to reach the top of Kobau Mountain.

3. The Challenging McIntyre Bluff

The Oliver hike is in Oliver near Osoyoos, BC, about 30 miles in a car ride. I think for the people with cars it is actually quite a convenient travel, though. I am talking about a hike on a 10km road, some of which is uphill. Things are not that urgent though, since when you are very uphill, it is much slower, with a few rather steep parts. When you manage to travel up, the view from the top will take your breath away - the Okanagan Valley will be right there at your fingertips. The full story behind this is that many postcards you see in the area bear this landmark as the main element on them! Take in the picturesque Kiwi apple orchards, vineyards, and Gallagher Lake.

There's no question that the most fantastic time period to walking through the nature of the McIntyre Bluff is mid-spring or early summer when the wildflowers are in blossom. Consider that this area may get very hot and dry in the summer months when there is little shade as you hike up. Bring plenty of water and walk slowly to avoid overwalking. Do this at a pace you and the team are most able to walk at. The backpacking trail can be as well enjoyed by bikers. Bike riders usually cover the trail in 90 min, whereas, hikers will typically take 2-3 hours to finish the outing.

Make sure that you park your vehicle at the trailhead to the McIntyre Bluff hike, which is at Covert Organic Farms Wine Lounge. After a fun hike period, the participants can chill out at the Wine Souk for a good sip of an alcoholic drink from the Okanagan Valley belt.

What to Expect

The McIntyre Bluff hike offers stunning views of the Okanagan Valley, orchards, vineyards, and Gallagher Lake. The best time to visit is in late spring or early summer when the wildflowers are in full bloom. The trail can be done by foot, bike, or even horseback.

Trail Details

- Difficulty Level: Intermediate
- Trail Length: 10km round trip

Location: Take Highway 97 north to Oliver, then take the Secrest Hill Road turnoff. Follow it for 1.5km before turning right onto Covert Place. The trailhead is located at Covert Organic Farms Wine Lounge.

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1. What are some popular hikes in Osoyoos? 

The Irrigation Canal Walkway, Mount Kobau, and McIntyre Bluff are among the popular hikes in Osoyoos.

2. Are there any easy hikes near Osoyoos? 

Yes, the Irrigation Canal Walkway is an easy hike near Osoyoos.

3. What is the best time to go for hikes in Osoyoos? 

Spring is the best time to go for hikes in Osoyoos, owing to the perfect weather.

4. Are there any hotels in Osoyoos British Columbia, near hiking trails? 

Yes, the Best Western Plus and the Coast Osoyoos Beach Hotel are great choices for hotels in Osoyoos British Columbia, near hiking trails.

5. Do Osoyoos hotels with pools offer easy access to hiking trails? 

Yes, Best Western Plus, one of the Osoyoos hotels with a pool, offers easy access to popular hiking trails.

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