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Must-try Dine Around Okanagan Options in Osoyoos

Welcome to Osoyoos, where the food scene is as active and varied as the terrain itself. Nestled in the beautiful scenery of the Okanagan Valley, Osoyoos offers a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts while also catering to foodies. It has some of the best dining experiences in the area. Let's explore the must-try dine around Okanagan options in Osoyoos.

Must-try Dine Around Okanagan Options in Osoyoos

1. Campo Marina Restaurant

Campo Marina Restaurant, located in Osoyoos, offers an amazing gastronomic experience that combines Mediterranean tastes with West Coast richness. It allows customers to enjoy an expanded menu loaded with fresh seafood, handcrafted pasta, and exquisite grilled meats. Your meal is paired with locally produced wine while you admire spectacular views—for an experience that blends taste and beauty!

2. Miradoro Restaurant

Located above Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, it is a popular dining destination. Chef Jeff Van Geest leads this award-winning establishment. This restaurant serves Mediterranean flavors with locally sourced ingredients—everything from delicious pizzas topped with seasonal produce to fresh seafood and meat entrees are beautifully presented at Miradoro, making your dining experience memorable. The breathtaking panoramic views provide lovely dining experiences.

3. Convivia Bistro

Convivia Bistro is situated in the heart of downtown Osoyoos. It exudes true Italian tastes via its friendly environment and menu items such as traditional wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta, and savory antipasti. Using only quality products and simple but exquisite cooking methods, the menu is evocative of Italy's rich culinary heritage, transporting guests back there with each taste, whether inside or on its gorgeous terrace. Convivia Bistro offers a taste of la dolce vita right in Osoyoos!

4. Jojo's Cafe

Jojo's Cafe in Osoyoos serves comfort meals with an unexpected gourmet twist. This cozy eatery is situated just steps from Osoyoos's charming downtown core. It has long been considered an institution in Osoyoos, known for serving hearty breakfasts and gourmet sandwiches. And freshly baked goodies like fluffy omelets made with farm-fresh eggs. 

To indulgent cinnamon buns with drizzles of icing, each dish is prepared here with love, providing your tastebuds with an indulgence of comforting goodness. 

5. Nk'mip Cellars Patio Restaurant

Nk'Mip Cellars is North America's first indigenous-owned company. The managed winery provides an exceptional dining experience from breathtaking Osoyoos Lake vistas. These wineries near Osoyoos offer scrumptious food, such as bison burgers cooked with locally sourced cattle and seasonal salads with fresh fruit. 

Each meal here captures the vitality of the Okanagan Valley in full color. Finish with award-winning wine from Nk'Mip Cellars for a memorable dining experience that will not be forgotten!

6. Miradoro Winery in Osoyoos

This is a beacon of culinary and oenological excellence. It is perched above Tinhorn Creek Vineyards and offers unsurpassed panoramic views of the Osoyoos Valley. Miradoro is known for its excellent dining experience surrounded by stunning vineyards and Valleys provides outstanding dining. 

Enjoy wine taste in Osoyoos with locally sourced ingredients. The one that pairs perfectly with award-winning vintages produced at Miradoro Winery. From wood-fired pizza to seasonal dishes explicitly created for Miradoro, every bite speaks volumes about the Okanagan Valley's rich culinary history.

7. Sol Grill Room & Lounge

Sol Grill Room & Lounge is located inside Sonora Desert Golf Course. It offers an outstanding dining experience with a stunning backdrop. Sol Grill Room & Lounge promises an exquisite and delicious culinary journey, whether indoors by a cozy fireplace or alfresco on its patio overlooking the course. 

Dishes range from perfectly grilled steaks to inventive seafood options. Each item on the menu is expertly crafted using locally sourced produce. Enjoy every second of this genuinely unique dining experience by pairing your meal with wine from the Okanagan Valley vineyard!

Bottom Line

While discovering Osoyoos' gastronomic treasures, let us be your guide to fantastic dining experiences in the area. The pleasant environment of Campo Marina Restaurant and the stunning vistas of Miradoro Restaurant present visitors with an Okanagan Valley culinary experience rich in tastes and colorful culture. 

Bring your hunger and curiosity, and be ready to go on a gastronomic trip. Unlike any other, right in the heart of Osoyoos! Lastly, for a comfortable and luxurious stay, consider the Best Western Osoyoos.


1. What kind of food might I anticipate in Osoyoos? 

Osoyoos has a diverse culinary scene, with restaurants specializing in everything from Mediterranean-inspired plates at Miradoro Restaurant to classic Italian fare at Convivia Bistro; you're sure to find options that celebrate both local ingredients and global flavors!

2. Are there any dining options near the Best Western Osoyoos? 

Yes, Best Western Osoyoos is conveniently located near various eating venues, including Campo Marina Restaurant, which serves Mediterranean and West Coast fusion food, and Jojo's Cafe, which specializes in substantial breakfast and gourmet sandwiches.

3. Can I drink local wine while eating in Osoyoos? 

Of course. Osoyoos is located in wine country, and many restaurants offer a wide range of regional vintages as part of their dining experience. Miradoro Restaurant and the Patio Restaurant at Nk'Mip Cellars. Miradoro Winery and Nk'Mip Cellars also provide sufficient opportunities to sample some of the region's finest vintages.

4. Are there any dining options with scenic views in Osoyoos? 

Yes, Osoyoos has several eateries with amazing views of the surrounding environment. Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards offers panoramic views. The vineyards and valley below, as well as the patio restaurant at Nk'Mip Cellars, offer spectacular views of Osoyoos Lake and neighboring vineyards.

5. Can I find vegetarian or vegan options in Osoyoos restaurants? 

Absolutely! A variety of Osoyoos restaurants accommodate guests' dietary needs, including vegan food. When eating at Campo Marina Restaurant or Convivia Bistro, you'll discover delectable plant-based cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, and cooks can usually accommodate any particular dietary needs with early notice.

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