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How to Plan Your Weekend in Osoyoos?

Osoyoos, British Columbia, is an idyllic destination with breathtaking landscapes, warm temperatures, and plenty of activities - perfect for nature enthusiasts, wine lovers, or simply relaxing getaways alike! You will get the best Osoyoos hotels with pools and enjoy the best experience. Here is our comprehensive guide to plan your weekend in Osoyoos in this charming town.

Steps to Plan Your Weekend in Osoyoos

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration

Morning: Scenic Drive to Osoyoos

Start your weekend right with an unforgettable drive to Osoyoos! The journey itself will be an adventure filled with rolling vineyards, sparkling lakes, and mountainous backdrops en route from Vancouver or Kelowna, respectively, while Kelowna residents should expect only 1.5 hours.

Check-in and brunch services are offered late in the morning.

After arriving, head directly to your accommodation. Osoyoos offers a wide range of B&Bs and luxurious resorts. Spirit Ridge and Watermark Beach Resort are excellent choices, and they have beautiful views and convenient amenities.

Afternoon: Beach Time at Osoyoos Lake

Osoyoos Lake, Canada's warmest lake, is the ideal place to kickstart a weekend getaway. Relax on its sandy beaches, swim in its soothing waters, or rent paddleboards or kayaks for some water adventure. Gyro Beach and Cottonwood Park offer popular family-friendly spots.

Late Afternoon: Explore the Desert Centre

After relaxing by the lake, visit the Osoyoos Desert Centre. It covers 67 acres and showcases the unique desert here. Take a guided tour on boardwalks to learn about local flora and fauna while developing an appreciation of this arid landscape.

Evening: Dinner and Sunset Views

As soon as the sun begins to set, head out for dinner at one of Osoyoos' fine dining restaurants. 15 Park Bistro offers an unforgettable farm-to-table dining experience featuring fresh local ingredients in dishes like pan-seared salmon or rack of lamb; complete your experience with a glass of local wine!

After dining, go to one of Osoyoos' stunning viewpoints. For example, Anarchist Mountain Lookout offers a great place to see an Osoyoos sunset. It gives panoramic views over the valley and lake below. It's an incredible end to your first day in Osoyoos!

Day 2: Wine Tasting Tour and Outdoor Fun/Explore the City/Travel

Osoyoos is part of the Okanagan wine region, boasting numerous world-class wineries. Start your day right by going on a wine-tasting tour. Begin at Nk'Mip Cellars, which is North America's first Indigenous-owned winery. It offers excellent wines in a beautiful tasting room. Then, go to Burrowing Owl Estate Winery. It stands out with award-winning reds and stunning vineyard views.

Midday: Enjoy lunch in a Vineyard

Many wineries feature on-site restaurants where you can enjoy lunch with an impressive view. At Nk'Mip Cellars' Patio Restaurant, enjoy local ingredients. The food is delicious. They serve dishes like bison burgers and their signature wine. Sip from their exquisite wine list.

Afternoon: Cultural Immersion at Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre

Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture at the award-winning Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre. Experience rich Indigenous traditions here. Learn from interactive exhibits, displays, and tours at this award-winning facility. It honors the Osoyoos Indian Band's history and traditions.

Late Afternoon: Outdoor Adventure at Mount Baldy

For an unforgettable winter skiing or snowboarding experience, look no further than Mount Baldy near Osoyoos. In summer, this area becomes a fantastic hiking and mountain biking trail. The Baldy Trail offers stunning views of nearby mountains and valleys.

Evening: Casual Dinner and Nightlife

Visit The Sage Pub for an informal dinner experience in Osoyoos's casual atmosphere and comfort food favorites like burgers, wings, and fish and chips.

Day 3: Unwind and Depart | Morgen: Leisurely Breakfast and Spa Time

Start your final day right at one of the charming cafes in town - Dolci Deli is highly acclaimed for its tasty breakfast sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee, so why not start here?

After enjoying breakfast, take some time out to unwind at one of the local spas. Solterra Desert Spa at Spirit Ridge provides a range of therapeutic massage and facial services designed to revitalize and revive you before your return journey home.

Late Morning: Visit to a Fruit Stand

Prior to leaving Osoyoos, make sure to visit one of the many fruit stands located within its boundaries. Osoyoos is well-known for its fresh and juicy fruits, such as peaches, cherries, and apricots; purchase some to bring home as a delicious reminder of your trip!

Midday: Explore Osoyoos Art Gallery

Visit Osoyoos Art Gallery before leaving town for some unique souvenir shopping or admire local talent! Plus, its open hours allow visitors to admire local artwork on display! It's sure to leave an impressionful and colorful impression!

Tips for an Enjoyable Weekend in Osoyoos

Secure Accommodations Early: Osoyoos is an increasingly popular summer destination; to guarantee yourself the best accommodation Osoyoos has to offer. To ensure an ideal experience, book early.

Pack for the Weather: Osoyoos summers can get hot, so pack lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and a hat. Winters tend to be mild, with occasional cool evening temperatures, so be sure to bring layers.

Reserve Wine Tastings: Many wineries require reservations for weekend tastings. To make the most of your experience, plan and book ahead.

Stay Hydrated: Deserts are arid. So, drink lots of water when outside. Specifically, if you spend lots of time outside, drinking enough water may reduce fatigue. It will make sure you have a good time.

Stay at the Best Osoyoos Hotels with Pools.

Best Western Osoyoos offers one of the finest hotels in Osoyoos British Columbia. Situated near Osoyoos Lake and featuring amenities such as complimentary breakfast and an outdoor pool, Best Western provides comfort and convenience during any stay in this charming Okanagan Valley town.

Bottom Line

Osoyoos offers an ideal weekend escape. Its blend of natural beauty, culture, and outdoor activities makes it a great place to relax by the lake and taste local wines or explore its desert. Every moment here will surely leave a deep memory in your heart and make you long to return. Plan your weekend in Osoyoos carefully and stay at Best Western Osoyoos. Leave with memories full of delight that leave a sense of nostalgia but a longing to return. With Osoyoos hotels with pools, an Osoyoos trip will not disappoint.


1: When is the best time and place for me to visit Osoyoos for a weekend getaway? 

Determining the ideal time and season to visit Osoyoos depends entirely on your tastes. Summer (June to August) provides ideal outdoor activity conditions with temperatures ranging between 30-35degC (86-95degF).

Spring (April to June) or fall (September to October) are better choices for milder climates and fewer crowds, while winter (December to February) offers peaceful moments atop Mount Baldy.

2: What family-oriented activities can we experience during our weekend trip to Osoyoos?

Osoyoos offers many family-oriented activities. Visitors can enjoy swimming and water sports at Osoyoos Lake, visit Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre, Osoyoos Desert Centre, and Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park (with mini-golf, go-karts, and more!).

3: I'd like to explore Osoyoos wineries on a weekend trip. What are my best options?

For an unforgettable Osoyoos winery experience, head to Nk'Mip Cellars, Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, and La Stella Winery. Plan by booking tastings ahead of time; alternatively, join a wine tour for an immersive experience. Additionally, many vineyards provide dining opportunities paired with their finest vintages!

4: For my weekend trip to Osoyoos, what items should I pack?

Summer: Lightweight clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, comfortable sandals, and a reusable water bottle should be the top priorities in terms of what to bring on vacation. In spring/fall, Layering clothing such as a light jacket, layer-able shoes, sunscreen, and swimwear should be the top priorities; during the winter season, warm clothing, including jacket, gloves, and hats (if visiting Mount Baldy), should be the top priorities in terms of what to bring on vacation.

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