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Cleanliness Protocol for Best Western Hotel

The establishment's cleanliness is undone at the Best Western Plus Hotel, subtly the most essential and primary need in the sector. Even though we are very concerned about cleanliness, it is not just about safeguarding the lives and health of our visitors. Additionally, it showcases hospitality of the highest caliber in every respect. When it comes to all of these things, we are conscientious. As a result, we have established rules for everything. From basic cleaning processes to staff training. And maintaining a clean environment throughout the year. The overall cleanliness of a hotel is included in our regulations, which include all areas of cleanliness.

General Cleaning Procedures

Each floor must be cleaned every day and at least twice a week. Our daily cleaning schedule covers routine tasks such as dusting, vacuuming. And sanitizing high-touch surfaces in guest rooms and common areas. In addition, our deep cleaning schedule requires that the carpets, upholstery. And other problematic areas are not overlooked or left uncleaned. Specific cleaning duties are assigned to staff members, and they are responsible for their areas. We take care to use cleaning products that provide the most significant effect and equipment that meets all sanitary cleanliness requirements.

Public Areas Cleaning Protocol

Public areas, including the lobby, elevators, hallways, and restrooms. And recreational facilities undergo frequent cleaning. To ensure a safe and welcoming environment for guests. We use EPA-approved disinfectants to clean high-touch surfaces regularly, such as door handles and handrails.

Restrooms get special attention; we provide plenty of soap and hand sanitizer. And the restrooms have an excellent quality of cleanliness.

We frequently vacuum carpets and sanitize high-touch areas like the front desk, lobby furnishings, door knobs, etc.

In addition, we clean our fitness center, swimming pool—and business center for hygiene and safety.

Food and Beverage Areas Cleaning Protocol

Cleanliness is essential in food and beverage areas. To prevent contamination and maintain food safety. Our restaurant, kitchen, buffet stations, and room service operations. This adheres to strict cleaning protocols as required by local health regulations. Surfaces, utensils, and equipment are regularly sanitized under this process. At the same time, food waste is correctly disposed of. Our staff follows rigorous hygiene practices in hand washing. In addition, they undergo training to maintain food safety and cleanliness standards.

Laundry and Linen Protocol

Clean linen and towels are essential for guests' comfort and hygiene. We wash all linen according to meticulous treatment. This includes the use of commercial-grade detergents. And sanitizers to Kill Stains and germs. After passing the strict inspection and quality control process. These clean linens are folded and put in designated areas. We maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the entire laundry process. To provide guests with fresh linens that have been sanitized for their stay. We store our linens and laundry in the safest place, protecting them from germs. We ensure everything is safe and sound.

Staff Training and Compliance

Our staff gets thorough training in cleanliness procedures, and hygiene standards come with it, too. Maintaining a clean environment ensures they have the knowledge and skills. Training modules cover proper cleaning methods, the uses of cleaning supplies, and compliance with health laws.

To ensure that cleanliness standards are followed. Performance is periodically assessed to pinpoint any areas needing improvement. One cannot stress enough that local and national health regulations must be strictly adhered to. Employees all know these things are cold.

Our staff is completely trained by offering them as good training. We ensure to follow the complete cleanliness protocols

Sustainability Initiatives

Respectfully, the folks at Best Western Hotel take more than the mere absence of dirt seriously. By scheduling and minimizing our environmental impact, we will implement energy-efficient green cleaning supplies and equipment around our services. We use biodegradable cleaners and save on energy in both. By adhering so firmly to these sustainability initiatives, we want to maintain hygiene and help leave this world a better place than it was for future human inhabitants.

With sustainable practices we make sure to avoid any sort of harm to the environment. We understand it is one of the important thing that one needs to follow. 

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