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10 Questions To Ask While Booking Travel Accommodation

Planning a vacation or a business trip has a lot of moving parts, but perhaps one of the most crucial elements is deciding where to stay. Booking accommodation can be a dizzying task, with multiple factors to consider - from location to amenities, and from cost to comfortability. 

In the picturesque land of Osoyoos, whether you are eyeing luxury lodging or affordable hotels with pool and hot tub, we've got you covered. So, where should you start from? Begin by asking the right questions. 

The adventure has been planned, the place has been picked and now comes one of the most crucial parts of travel planning – booking your accommodation. Whether you're eyeing up grand hotels with pool and hot tub in Osoyoos or a cosy cabin by the ski slopes in Falls Creek, asking the right questions is essential for a stress-free stay. 

Established luxury or budget alternative, there's a place for everyone if you know what to ask. Let's start exploring the key questions to ask while booking travel accommodation.

Why Is It Necessary To Ask Questions When Booking Travel Accommodation

Travelling is more than getting from point A to B. Vir Sanghvi, a renowned travel journalist, once said, "Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going." True to these words, travelling conveys the joy of exploration, from the bustling metropolises of the world to secluded corners where serenity prevails.

Each journey holds the potential for unique experiences, and accommodation plays a significant role in defining these experiences. Here are a few reasons why asking questions is critical when booking travel accommodation:

Can Lead to Cost Savings

Often travelers shell out more money than necessary due to a lack of information about what's included in their accommodation package.

Ask: Are meals inclusive?
Ask: Are there local taxes or service charges not included in the quoted rate?

Helps Understand the Policies

Each hotel displays individual policies that can significantly influence your stay.

Ask: What is the check-in/check-out policy?
Ask: What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Ensures Basic Comfort and Amenities

Ask: Is there free Wi-Fi in rooms?
Ask: Are there laundry and ironing facilities?

Asking these questions will help avoid unpleasant surprises and lead to a comfortable and satisfying stay.

The How, When, and Where of Asking Questions

It's not just the 'what' to ask, but also the 'how,' 'when,' and 'where' that matter.

How: Communicating your Needs Effectively

Remember, you're not interrogating. Approach your queries as a conversation. "I am very excited about my upcoming stay at your location. However, I do have a couple of questions."

The best time to ask questions is during the booking process — it gives you time to compare and make informed decisions. Choosing the right platform to ask your questions is crucial. While online travel agents are helpful for booking, direct interaction with the hotel staff often yields the best and most accurate information.

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10 Questions to Ask While Booking Travel Accommodation

Asking questions before booking your travel accommodation enhances the joy of your stay, mitigates avoidable issues, ensures cost-efficiency, and leads to a more prepared and enjoyable vacation. So, let us change our approach from silently accepting what is offered to engaging in thoughtful inquiries. Now let’s explore 10 questions to ask while booking travel accommodation.

1. Are You Okay with Sharing Your Bathroom With Complete Strangers?

To avoid any uncomfortable situations on your holiday, make a wise decision early. If privacy is your top priority, ensure that your chosen lodging in Osoyoos or any other location offers private bathrooms.

- Is there an ensuite bathroom in my room?
- Is the bathroom shared between multiple rooms?

While the prospect of shared bathrooms may seem daunting to many, it can be a considerable cost saver. Be honest with yourself about what you feel comfortable with and remember, the choice is always yours!

2. What Kind of Breakfast Facility Do You Want?

Choosing a place to stay involves more than just considering the bedding and bathroom facilities. The question of food, especially your morning meal, is crucial.

Dining In-House or Cooking Yourself?

If you're the kind of person who enjoys a well-prepared meal served hot, then opting for accommodations with dining services should be on your list. It may be costlier, but after a thrilling day playing golf in Osoyoos or skiing in Falls Creek, cooking might be the last thing you'd want to do. On the other hand, if you're an avid cook or on a tight budget, accommodations with kitchen facilities may be your best bet.

- Does your Osoyoos accommodation offer complimentary breakfast?
- Can I use the kitchen facilities to cook my meals?

Remember, the aim is to ensure your stay is as comfortable and convenient for you as possible, so do not shy away from asking these questions.

3. Will You Choose Private or Shared Rooms?

This decision can come with a variety of factors such as cost, privacy, and room facilitation.

Privacy Over Price?

Travelling solo may present the option of choosing between private and shared rooms. Private accommodations like the hotels with pool and hot tubs in Osoyoos grant you the luxury of privacy. However, shared lodgings like hostels or dormitory-style accommodations could cut your costs significantly.

- Does the place offer both private rooms and shared rooms?
- Does the price vary tremendously between private and shared accommodation?

It's important to remember, there's no 'wrong' here, only what's best for you, your budget, and your comfort level.

4. Is the staff at the accommodation friendly and professional?  

Without a doubt, the staff's friendliness and professionalism play an integral role in making your stay pleasant. However, finding this valuable commodity is not always straightforward.

One way to gauge the staff's demeanour is to interact with them before you make your reservation. Be inquisitive about the services they offer and take note of their responsiveness and knowledge. How do they handle your queries? Is the information offered satisfactory? These touchpoints often offer a glimpse into the hospitality culture at a potential lodge.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to have the staff go above and beyond in providing a guest experience that leaves a positive lasting impression.

5. Have you checked online reviews?

Online reviews have become the modern-day word of mouth - indispensable in booking any travel accommodation. They offer a transparent picture of what to expect: whether you are looking for hotels with pool and hot tub, or seeking a golf Osoyoos has to offer.

To sense the credibility, read a range of reviews, and pay attention to responses from management to negative comments. Remember, a few bad reviews are not necessarily a red flag - how the hotel responds is more telling.

- Check for consistent mentions regarding cleanliness, staff behaviour, room comfort, and additional amenities.
- Look out for properties that consistently have high rating scores.
- Pay attention to recent reviews—they are more likely to reflect the current state of the property.

Word of advice: Don’t forget to balance online reviews with personal preferences. The extravagance of lodging in Osoyoos might impress some, while others may crave a quaint and cosy ambience.

6. Are you getting additional space? 

While it might not be at the forefront of your mind when booking your stay, having some extra space in your room can indeed enhance your comfort, particularly when travelling with family or friends.

When you have a little more room to spread out, it can make a significant difference, especially during longer stays. A hotel offering additional mattresses for no or nominal charges can be a godsend when you have kids.

Extra space also benefits when you're travelling for business. After all, you might need space to prepare for a meeting or unwind after a long day at work.

In luxury lodging in Osoyoos, for instance, you might find suites with separate living areas. While it might come at a higher price point, the benefits you enjoy could make it worth the splurge.

7. What is the noise level while sleeping? 

Imagine you've planned a relaxing vacation, only to find yourself unable to sleep due to a noisy atmosphere around your hotel. The ambience of your stay can deeply impact your overall experience.

Hotels or resorts catering to a young crowd might have an energetic, high-decibel environment, perfect for those looking to mingle and socialize. On the other hand, accommodations more popular with mature guests may offer a more tranquil and soothing ambience ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

When contemplating Osoyoos accommodation, it could be beneficial to research or inquire about the noise levels typical in the property. A good measure can be checking guest reviews and ratings regarding quietness and tranquillity.

Pro Tip: Certain hotels even offer Quiet Zones or Quiet Floors for guests seeking peace and quiet. Remember to enquire about such offerings when booking your travel accommodation.

8. Is a parking facility available at the hotel or resort? 

If your travel itinerary includes driving to your destination, the availability of a safe and secure parking space at your accommodation is crucial.

Imagine driving around a new city, wasting precious holiday time looking for parking, or worrying about the security of your automobile. Your peace of mind is worth the few extra minutes spent confirming the parking details of your planned accommodation.

9. Where is the travel accommodation located? 

Location can influence everything from accessibility to attractions to overall convenience during your stay. A lodging option, especially when considering Osoyoos accommodation, with proximity to key landmarks or tourist attractions, can make your travel experience significantly smoother.

Ideally, your accommodation should be close to or centrally located around places you plan to visit, like slopes, for easy access to ski lifts, or other points of interest. Researching the area surrounding your potential accommodation can provide insights into restaurant choices, local attractions, and transportation options, setting you up for an optimally planned trip.

Traveller's Tip: Google Maps is a terrific tool for researching a location. It can provide details on proximity to restaurants, and tourist attractions, and even give you an insight into the traffic patterns during different time slots!

10. Can you get free Wi-Fi or internet?

In today's digital age, internet accessibility is almost as essential as having a roof overhead. Most travel accommodations would usually provide complimentary or nominally paid Wi-Fi, but it is always better to check.

Internet access is not only useful for social media updates or streaming services but is crucial to look up local attractions, check in for flights, or even keep up with your work, if necessary. Therefore, a stable internet or Wi-Fi connection in your accommodation is worth giving a thought while booking.

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The Bottom Line

The world of travel accommodation offers options for every type of traveller, each with its unique benefits and considerations. Whether you're hitting the golf courses in Osoyoos, soaking in a hot tub, or strapping on your ski gear in Falls Creek, investing time in asking these questions is key to finding the perfect stay that fits your needs and preferences - and leads to a memorable and comfortable journey.

Every traveller dreams of an unforgettable holiday or a successful business trip. Booking the right accommodation plays a significant role in realizing those dreams. In the end, selecting a hotel or lodging in Osoyoos boils down to clarifying your own expectations, understanding the property offerings, and aligning the two. 

You can check out Best Western Plus Hotels and Suites in Osoyoos for a luxury experience. We offer a number of amenities such as a heated swimming pool, hot tubs, gym, jacuzzi in rooms, and much more to make your stay comfortable yet exciting.

So, are you ready to make your next accommodation booking? Remember, the right questions lead you to the right stay! Happy travelling!


1. Is the Location Central and Convenient?

Location is a major factor in choosing your stay. But what should you consider when evaluating location convenience? While you don't necessarily need the Eiffel Tower in your backyard, the hotel should be within a reasonable distance from the city's key attractions. The closer you are to these sites, the more time and money you can save. Another important aspect is the ease of access to local transportation like buses, trams, metro, cab stands or even local bike hire.

2. What Amenities Does the Hotel Provide?

Amenities could make or break your comfortable stay. Before making a booking, ensure your desired amenities are available and functioning. These include Wi-Fi, parking, a 24-hour front desk, an in-room safe etc. Today, many travellers regard high-speed, stable Wi-Fi as a necessity, not a luxury. Additional facilities that enhance your stay, like a gym, spa, in-house restaurant, or swimming pool, should also be checked upon.

3. Is the Hotel Kids & Pet Friendly?

For those travelling with children or pets, it’s crucial to ensure that the accommodation is comfortable and safe for your little buddies. You might need to ask about the availability of cots or extra beds, kids’ clubs, babysitting services, as well as safety measures in place. Not all hotels welcome pets. And those that do, often have a detailed pet policy, so always check in advance. 

4. What are the Dining Options Like?

Travel is incomplete without exploring local foods. The quality and variety of food at your accommodation are critical, especially if you’re staying in a remote location. In a city setting, you might prefer a hotel within walking distance from the local food market or good restaurants. 

5. What’s the Check-In and Check-Out Policy?

Each accommodation has its own set of check-in and check-out timings and policies. While most allow check-in in the afternoon and check-out in the mid-morning, some may be flexible if asked well in advance. Other policies concerning late check-in, express check-out, or luggage storage after check-out should also be noted. 

6. How are the Reviews and Ratings?

When booking accommodation, the experiences of previous guests could be enlightening. Reviews give you insights into aspects that might otherwise go unnoticed. Reputable travel sites or blogs and social media platforms are rich veins of real customer experiences. Look for reviews concerning cleanliness, service quality, food standards, noise level, and overall experience.

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