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Skate & Sip At The District Wine Village, Osoyoos

The winter season brings a lot of beautiful snow, and the best way to enjoy it is to do two favourite things: skate and drink! Imagine gliding across a beautiful ice rink in the middle of a winter landscape, then returning home to enjoy some cosy wine village fun at District Wine Village. This is the perfect place to combine outdoor adventure with luxurious rest. Let's explore Wine Village, Osoyoos.

A Brief Overview Of Wine Village, Osoyoos

1. Fun on the ice

When it gets cold, an outdoor ice rink carefully built for skating turns the beautiful area around District Wine Village into a thrilling winter experience. The fresh air of winter wakes you up as soon as you put on your skates and step on the ice. Everyone is welcome in our space for BC wineries, from people who have never skated before to people who are very good at it.

The ice rink at District Wine Village is a fun place to skate in the winter, with snow-covered vines and tall evergreens all around. As you glide across the ice, the soft sound of the snow under your blades and the clear blue sky above create a peaceful atmosphere that turns a simple activity like skating into a fun winter adventure.

In the District Wine Village Retreat, you can take a break after an exciting skate practice. This charming group of rustic buildings is home to various wineries and tasting rooms. As soon as you walk inside, you'll feel right at home—it's the perfect place to relax and chat with friends!

There is a vast selection of local wines at the District Wine Village. The wines reflect the unique tastes and traits of the area. From bold reds to crisp whites, there is something here for everyone. The staff is also very knowledgeable, and they will lead tastings where they talk about the history of each variety and how the wine is made. You can visit places to stay in Osoyoos and enjoy the same.

2. Sip and Savour

Place yourself somewhere comfortable with a glass of your best BC wine and savour every moment. The outdoor sitting areas at District Wine Village, lit with fairy lights and fire pits, make it feel warm and cosy in the winter. Picture yourself drinking a rich red while sitting by a roaring fire with loved ones or friends. When these things come together, they create a physical experience like no other!

District Wine Village's extensive wine selection also offers a pleasant dining experience for people interested in food. It serves gourmet cheese plates and warm winter soups. After trying both sides, visitors will be happy when they leave.

3. A Winter Wonderland Getaway

Enjoy the lovely winter weather at District Wine Village. Walk along its snow-covered paths, look at its beautiful holiday lights, and record its magic! As soon as winter comes, this beautiful getaway turns into a fun winter wonderland where you can go ice skating or sipping hot chocolate. Experience its magic while staying in this cosy winter hideaway.

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4. Community and Linking Up

District Wine Village does more than just ice skating and wine drinking to unite people. In the winter, people get together to enjoy the season at special skate nights and other events. District Wine Village is a friendly place seeking the best hotels in Osoyoos where friends and family can make memorable memories, whether they live there or are just visiting.

They are proud of their dedication to the environment and community involvement, which makes the whole experience more enjoyable. By doing things that are good for the earth and helping out local artists, the town wants to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Bottom Line 

Going to the District Wine Village to skate and drink the best BC wines this winter is more than just a fun activity; it's a trip into the heart of winter. Whether you'd rather have fun on the ice or take it easy with a glass of wine, the village has everything you could want in the winter. 

So go ahead and enjoy the magic of winter, make memories that will last a lifetime, and take your time on this beautiful holiday! If you are looking to buy or taste the best BC wines, Best Western Plus Osoyoos is one of the best hotels in Osoyoos to visit.


1. Is the outdoor ice rink at District Wine Village better for experienced skaters or for people just starting out?

Any skater is welcome on the outdoor ice rink at District Wine Village. Everyone is welcome at this place, from people who have never skated before to people who are very good at it. They can enjoy the winter wonderland at their own pace while skating in the beautiful surroundings for a unique and friendly skating experience.

2. Can I bring my skates to District Wine Village or rent them there?

At District Wine Village, you can get both choices. You can bring your skates if you want to. But don't worry if you don't have your skates or need to rent some. Anyone can rent skates and enjoy the thrill of sliding on smooth ice. Families and groups of friends who come to this place can usually find sizes for people of all ages.

3. What kinds of wines can I find at the District Wine Village? Is there a way to try them?

The District Wine Village has a wide range of wines made in the area, including bold reds, crisp whites, and tasty mixes. The best part of this place is the tastings, where people can try different types of wine while learning about what makes each area unique. The staff will help you with the tasting and inform you about how wine is made in the area.

4. What kinds of parties or themed nights are at District Wine Village in the winter?

Of course! Throughout the winter, the District Wine Village puts on a lot of themed events and nights, from holiday parties to themed skate nights, giving people different ways to enjoy. They will update you on planned winter events and neighbourhood get-togethers by updating their event schedule.

5. Does District Wine Village care about the environment, and how does it help the community?

Yes, sustainability is at the heart of everything District Wine Village does. They are committed to eco-friendly practices like reducing waste and energy use and supporting local artists and businesses that help the economies of their communities. Visiting District Wine Village in the winter is fun while also being a part of a project that will help your community.

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